Comanche War Scouts
               Ladies Auxiliary

      The Ladies Auxiliary was organized in 1990 to assist the Comanche War Scouts. The name is much more than what it implies. The War Scout Auxiliary meet periodically to discuss ways to support their husbands. These dedicated women say that encouragement and interest in what their husbands believe is very worthwhile.
      The Ladies Auxiliary has been active in helping the Comanche War Scouts shine with examples of unselfish giving. The primary functions of the Ladies Auxiliary is to support the men and women of the Comanche War Scouts. They do this by continuing to contribute their time and energy to provide help at each event, by cooking for events and providing monetary help. They also generally help with setting up and decorating for the events.
      The auxiliary admire and respect the efforts and continuing endeavors of the men and women of the Comanche War Scouts.