Comanche War Scouts

      The Comanche War Scouts were established in 1990 by Melvin Kerchee Jr., Charlie Kerchee, Larry McCurtain and Adolph Paukei. All are direct descendents of members of Troop L, 7th Calvary Indian Scouts based out of Fort Sill during the 1880's and 1890's.
      Their over all mission is to uphold and teach Comanche Traditions, Honor and give respect to Elders and pay homage to Veterans with Honor and Dignity.
      The War Scouts participate at gatherings, Dances, Powwows, Funerals, Parades and other special occasions. Like Comanches of old, The War Scouts have allied with tribes to form this organization.
      Collectively, they have served in all four major Branches of the Armed Forces. Many have been decorated for Valor in Combat and others have been wounded in action. All have been Honorably Discharged